Plastic Surgery– Take 4, Kinda!

Plastic Surgery– Take 4, Kinda! So I found my plastic surgeon, but she is in Arizona… is what has happened the past few days. First, I listened to Diane Lee’s interview on the Birth Healing Summit 2018. This was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I have no question that I am a […]

Plastic Surgery…Take 3!

Plastic Surgery…Take 3! Well, you guys…this one started out well and then took a sharp turn for the worst. When he walked in I got a really good feeling from him. He seemed warm, and when I told him about my physical therapy he perked up. I thought, omg! This might be the guy that […]

Practice Brave

Practice Brave I had to take Chase to get his 4 year old shots yesterday. Oye. I am now convinced it is harder to take a 4 year old because they can say things to break your heart. Plus, I can’t stick a boob in his face and make it all better anymore. I told Chase […]

What I want you to know about my stomach!

What I want you to know about my stomach! I decided to write this blog for my own sanity! Every day I end up ignoring my kids to write long post to a stranger on either the Diastasis Recti support group, CrossFit mom group, or Mom2Mom group. I just want to be the person that […]

Plastic Surgery, Take 2!

Plastic Surgery, Take 2! Plastic surgery, take 2! I was way more calm than the first time around but still totally nervous.  After getting checked in and chatting with the receptionist about the terrible potholes, the first person I saw (after the nurse) was a medical student since the University of Michigan is a teaching […]

On a Tuesday.

On a Tuesday. Normally on Tuesdays I go to my parents. I drop off Dean, take Chase to swim, come back to their house, and then go to CrossFit. My dad had a little tummy bug so we didn’t go over there today, which meant I brought Dean with me to swim class. I figured […]

Collecting Data – First Plastic Surgeon Appointment Update!

Collecting Data – First Plastic Surgeon Appointment Update! I went to my first plastic surgeon appointment. What a ride. I am writing this blog as I am online ferociously messaging other moms in Michigan that had this surgery and are also CrossFitters. After searching all day, I finally found one other woman that doesn’t live […]

My Story

My Story In July 2013, I found out I was pregnant with my first son, Chase. My husband and I started trying the weekend after CrossFit regionals, and it happened pretty quickly. I felt lucky, blessed, and excited for the new chapter. As usual, I got some flack for working out pregnant as many were […]

Bouncing Forward

Bouncing Forward Seeing Julie Wiebe was amazing. I got some new strategies and have some more healing I can do on my own.  Unfortunately, it seems some of my fascia is unresponsive, and I have an umbilical hernia- just as my local PT, Nancy, had concluded. If I want to CrossFit the way I want […]

Chasing Strength is Making Us Weak

Chasing Strength is Making Us Weak Something hit me a few weeks ago after reading comments in a CrossFit mom Facebook group. During pregnancy and postpartum while chasing strength, we are only making ourselves weaker. Both CrossFit and competitive CrossFit changed my life in so many amazing ways. I am beyond grateful for those experiences […]

The Silent Majority

The Silent Majority Anyone that knows me, knows I have been Crossfitting for a really, really long time. I don’t plan to stop. I love it. However, as in anything in life you need to question and be critical of the things that you love the most. Lately, there has been a lot of push […]