$240 Six week program, two classes per week (run 2-3 times a year)

I have found from my personal journey that there is a lack of support for pregnant and postpartum women. After a woman is “cleared” by her doctor, she does not receive enough education on recovery or treating treating aches, pains, and leaks. I am on a mission to help moms in my local community by offering an evidence based training program that is specifically designed to help women recover from childbirth, prepare for the physical demands of motherhood, and have a successful return to their fitness choice. This class is appropriate for all pregnant and postpartum women. Pregnancy and postpartum truly equalizes the playing field and no one is immune to the healing process, no matter the level of fitness.

I designed this class to provide a supportive community of moms, and you are welcome to bring your baby or toddler. By implementing new breathing strategies and movement patterns in the class, you can recover from childbirth and workout at the same time. Diastasis Recti, leaking, pelvic pain/pressure, and back pain are often ignored or brushed off as “normal” conditions for a postpartum woman. These conditions will all be addressed within the class. I want to give you the confidence to reach your goals, whether it is picking up a car seat and/or toddler without pain, returning to competitive CrossFit, doing Yoga, or running marathons. What you do or do not do during this chapter will directly affect your ability to return to daily function and fitness.

I am more than happy to collaborate with your Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. This program complements (most) rehab protocols and, while it is a group class, it will be individualized for each client. I can refer you to some professionals in the area if you need help finding someone.

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