“Lisa’s postpartum athleticism course was exactly what I needed after my daughter was born. I was a workout junkie before & during pregnancy & eager to get back to the gym. Lisa is the voice of reason in a world that tells you to get your pre-baby body back by jumping into everything you did before. Though she is a brilliant trainer for all athletes, helping women with pregnancy and post-partum is clearly Lisa’s passion.”
“Great classes! I love how attentive and one-on-one Lisa is. She even holds my fussy kid while coaching me. AMAZING!”
“This has helped turn around a lot of difficulties I’ve been having with the recovery that are getting in the way of enjoying my daughter. I’m loving this workout and the culture you have created with your course. It’s obvious that you’ve put a lot of time, energy and thought into it to make this something special for new moms.”
“Since starting classes I have noticed my stability, balance, and core getting stronger. She runs a great class and makes you feel capable along with understanding how to overcome movement issues. She also texts homework throughout the week and is very caring.”
“This has been the perfect stepping stone for me to return to fitness safely.  She has shown me how to tweak exercises so I can still participate in exercises I love while also supporting my rehab. She has an extremely positive attitude and loves to spread awareness and motivate others.  Babies and children are not only welcome in class, but Lisa helps take care of them if needed so we can focus on exercising. I cannot express enough how important it is to take care of our bodies. I highly recommend this class!!”